This New Year, please resolve to be less of a tease, iPhone for Verizon. The yuppie Justin Long wannabes have been salivating long enough. While the iPad may be the biggest gadget to come out of Cupertino this year, a version of the iPhone not for AT&T would mean not having to sacrifice the glorious, sync’d-up uniformity of an electronics roster for the sake of an incompatible mobile network. The Blackberry is cute and all — touch pads! — but does it match your iPod or -Pad or Macbook Pro? Nope. iPhone for Verizon, we get it. You are hot. We worship the ground you walk on. On behalf of all those who hoped for an iPhone for Christmas, or New Year’s, or maybe as a Valentine’s gift: you are breaking hearts here. Now please stop being such a terrible minx and drop already.