Most students who have been eagerly checking the Student Information Systems website for their first semester grades should now be resting easy.

But University Registrar Jill Carlton said some professors have missed the deadline to submit grades, which was 5 p.m. Monday. She added that the number of late submissions is similar to previous years.

“We’re doing pretty well,” she said. “There are always some grades that are late.”

As of 3 p.m. today, 1,039 grades were missing, but 387 of those have been mistakenly “saved” instead of “submitted” by professors on the online Faculty Grading System, Carlton said, and she expects those errors to be corrected shortly. Once faculty members have submitted grades, they are automatically uploaded onto the Student Information Systems website within a half hour.

The registrar’s office sent an email today to professors who failed to meet the deadline. Carlton said it is important that she receive grades on time because her office will distribute internal transcripts to students at the beginning of the spring semester, and a lot of work is required to account for the credits and distributional requirements that students have earned.

In the spring term, non-senior grades are due from professors one week after exam period ends, and senior grades must be submitted 48 hours after the last exam.