Imma let you finish Yale. Cassius Clay, Yale’s very own connection to Kanye West, misses us, according to a recent article.

Fellow Yalie Sofia Cavallo ’10, interviewed Clay, West’s “personal stylist and creative consultant” for Opening Ceremony and asked him about his top holiday fashion picks. She wrote:

I caught up with Cassius right here at OC, where he is a familiar face, before he returns to the world of academia that he realized he dearly missed.

In addition to revealing other facts like how his mom got a Twitter account in order to follow West not Clay, Clay told Cavallo about his style. At the age of 10, he rebelled against his school’s dress code of khakis and collared shirts in favor of white turtlenecks and grey flannel pants.

Now, Charles Dickens, taxidermy and Givenchy Fall/Winter 2010 gloves are just a few of his obsessions.