Avery DiUbaldo is one of 1,497 early applicants who received news that they were denied admission to Yale this month – but DiUbaldo is the only one who blogged about it on the New York Times’ website.

In a series entitled “The Choice: Demystifying College Admissions and Aid,” six high schools seniors from Cherry Creek High School in Denver, Colo. are blogging about their college searches, and DiUbaldo chose his rejection from Yale as his most recent topic to discuss.

In a post entitled “A Decision Letter from Yale, Then a Sandwich and a Nap” DiUbaldo described his unremarkable reaction to receiving the news. Diubaldo wrote that he said “Oh, how about that,” made himself a sandwich, and then took a nap. He also said family and friends reassured him by telling him that “Yale just isn’t right for you anyway. He himself joked:

No matter where you look, the evidence is clear: there is an undeniable correlation between attending Yale University and eventually dying. Who would want to make the Faustian bargain of attending a prestigious college where all the graduates end up dead after 50 years?

Joking aside, DiUbaldo said Yale’s news was not surprising, though he would have attended Yale if given the opportunity. The result of his application to Yale means that DiUbaldo will continue with his college search: in his case, auditioning for a handful of theater programs.

Yale notified 761 applicants of their acceptance Dec. 15, deferring 2,952 to the regular decision round.