Two of four hot water pumps servicing Branford and Saybrook colleges broke yesterday, leaving students shivering in their rooms and dining halls.

As of Wednesday, only one hot water pump is running in each of the two colleges, rather than two, according to a control room specialist. A technician is working on the pumps and the problem should be resolved “hopefully after today,” the specialist said.

While the common rooms in both Branford and Saybrook are toasty, students in certain entryways reported having no heat in their rooms since yesterday morning. In the dining halls, staff have posted an apologetic message: “There is a problem with the heating system. Sorry for the cold.”

Christina Bui ’13, a Branford resident, took her blanket with her to breakfast to ward off the chill.

“It’s been noticeably colder in the dining hall, and it’s too cold to study in my room,” she said.

Saybrook Master Edward Kamens said he heard from students “in various parts of the college” Wednesday that their rooms were “exceptionally cold.”

Seven of thirteen students interviewed in the two colleges said the heating in their rooms was unaffected.