As open-air preacher Jesse Morrell railed against homosexuals and feminism, telling students they were sinners and hell-bound, a group of Yalies stripped, sang, kissed, and downed alcohol in rebuttal.

On the sidewalk of Cross Campus, four girls stripped down to sports bras after

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Morrell denigrated women who dare to show their belly-buttons. Both same-sex and heterosexual couples staged passionate kisses and intimate embraces as Morrell averted his eyes.

The demonstration originated after Elliot Eaton ’11 sent an email this afternoon inviting students to “make out for equality:”

Whatever kind of kiss-in you choose to perform (straight? gay? three-way?), the point is to overpower hate with love, and mak on some of your friends in the process (actual kissing, or fake, thumbs-over-the-mouth kissing is fine too).

While the daring locked lips, some students opted to serenade the preacher. The crowd, which grew to about 50, sang “What is Love?” and “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.” Morrell responded with his own ditty on how “it’s not OK to be gay,” which was soon drowned out by student vocalists.

One sophomore brought a bottle of Scotch for the occasion. Standing a few feet from Morrell, he pulled the liquor from inside his jacket and proceeded to gulp it down. Students then joined him in a rendition of “In Heaven There Is No Beer.”

Needless to say, Morrell still thinks Yalies will go to hell.