In the end, the grilled cheese sandwiches won.

Ric Best ’14 of Pierson and Joel Sircus ’14 of Trumbull took on the Caseus Cheese Truck Challenge, attempting to finish 10 grilled cheese sandwiches in one hour without throwing up.

Best has previously competed in other competitive eating contests, placing third in the 2009 World Spinach Eating Championships by downing about two and half pounds of spinach and winning the 2010 Dunkin’ Donuts Challenge. Best said that his competitive eating alter ego is known as “King Hungry VIII.” Despite a lack of experience in competitive eating, Sircus joined his friend in the challenge.

Braving the cold weather, the two challengers started off strong, finishing the first sandwich in about a minute. Best and Sircus downed their fourth sandwiches at the 15-minute mark and both had noticeably slowed down. Twenty-nine minutes into the challenge, Best threw up while attempting to finish his sixth. Sircus finally ended with 10 minutes left after finishing six sandwiches.

Had they succeed in their endeavor, Best and Sircus would have grilled sandwiches named after them and gotten the sandwiches free for the rest of their lives. The current record for the challenge is held by a Harvard student, who finished seven sandwiches in about 40 minutes. Both competitors indicated that they will not attempt the challenge again.