Three of Glamour’s “20 Amazing Young Women Who Are Already Changing the World” are here with us at Yale. Jordana Alter Confino ’12, Sejal Hathi ’13 and Rachel Nalebuff ’13, are the Yalies in this bunch, which also includes three women from Harvard who co-founded the same business.

So, you might ask, what does it take to be one of these “Amazing Young Women”?

Confino co-founded Girls Learn International, Inc. with her sister (also on the list) and mother. Girls Learn International, Inc. is an organization that gives American girls an opportunity to work towards providing universal education for girls, while Hathi founded the international NGO, Girls Helping Girls, to encourage girls to strive for social change. Nalebuff wrote the book “My Little Red Book,” which seeks to remove the stigma associated with a girl’s period.

[via HuffPo]