If you don’t know him for his star turn as governor-elect Dan Malloy’s new chief of staff, you may recognize Tim Bannon ’70 LAW ’76 as ‘Doonesbury’s’ T.F. Bannon, an evil lawyer reading his presumed-dead client’s will.

During his time at Yale, Bannon edited the Yale Record alongside none other than close-friend Garry Trudeau ’70 ART ’73, the Hartford Courant reported. Bannon even beat out Trudeau to become the Record’s chairman, Trudeau admitted; the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist served as editor-in-chief during their tenure.

“Tim was in charge of the jokes, and Garry was in charge of the pictures,” Charlie Pillsbury ’70 DIV ’90, a classmate and friend of the duo, told the Courant. “They were a great team. … Tim was one of the funniest guys and one of the smartest guys in our class.”

Trudeau wrote in an e-mail to the Courant that to this day, Bannon refers to Trudeau as “chief.”

“In only two strips, I establish that T.F. is venal, corrupt and looks exactly like Tim,” Trudeau wrote. “This is the kind of thing I do to people I love.”.