Yale hook-up culture is confusing enough, and this weekend, we’ll have to add Harvard into the mix. With the new dynamic caused by the mixing of Yalies, Harvardians and alcohol, many new questions arise. Is it acceptable to fraternize with the enemy? Will anyone even remember if I fraternized with the enemy? Are there any Harvard students even worth fraternizing with? Where is your dignity?

Regardless, here are a few tips to avoid any morning-after awkwardness when you run into your one-night-stand at the tailgate:

1) Be aware of the cold—it makes people stop thinking clearly. Just because you forgot your scarf doesn’t mean you should automatically run to whoever is next to you for body heat. If you must, choose wisely.

2) Keep your hosts in mind. If you’re staying with a friend of a friend who has kindly opened their doors to you, don’t make it awkward by hooking up with their

potential love interest. It makes for a more pleasant morning-after breakfast.

3) If you meet some hottie Saturday morning, please be aware that you are in broad

daylight. Dance floor hook-ups at Toad’s are acceptable only because it’s too dark to discern anyone’s facial features. Midmorning tailgates, not so much.

4) Don’t worry TOO much. There are very few people who will be able to remember specifics the next day anyway.

So as we head up north, take advantage of the fact that you will never have to see your hook-up again — until you run into him/her at the Ivy Plus Society.