Toad’s Place might have hosted a “Yale/Harvard pep rally” for their Wednesday night dance party, but the Harvard College Events Board is set to hold a rally Thursday in Harvard Yard, according to an article in the Harvard Crimson. Dubbed, “Light Up the Yard,” the themed event will feature student musical performances, stand-up comedy, and free food.

This is the fifth annual Harvard-Yale pep rally for the CEB, but the event will be the first of its kind to have a distinct theme – the CEB is decorating the Yard with lights, glow-in-the-dark shutter shades, and free glowsticks.

Thursday’s event follows Harvard’s problem-ridden rally two years ago, which had to be cut short. At the 2008 rally, which featured a live performance by Girl Talk, organizers prematurely ended the event when the crowd of students could not be controlled by CEB organizers and threatened to topple the stage.

Without any major artists headlining the event, CEB Chair Moira E. Forberg ’11 told the Crimson that this year’s rally is an opportunity “to show how great Harvard is and what we have to offer here.”