After Yalies, fearful for their safety, sleep with one eye open at Harvard Friday night; after we brave the game day battlefield and emerge victorious, stomping on Crimson pride; after we wake up way too early on Sunday morning — there will only be one move separating us from a restful Thanksgiving Break: the trip back.

Many of us have already booked flights home to faraway lands including the Asia and California, but for those who have not arranged transportation, allow me to illustrate the options that still remain.

Students who wish to return to New Haven can come back on the ASA buses for $20, spend $30-$35 to return on a Greyhound bus or invest $50 on an Amtrak train ride back from Boston.

If you booked flights leaving out of Boston’s Logan International Airport, you can go to the airport by taking the Red Line subway from Harvard Station and then connecting to a Silver Line bus at South Station, which will take you to the airport. The entire trip should cost about $2.

For those Elis who live on the East Coast, Amtrak can take you home for $50 to $100, depending on where you live. Of course, if your parents already booked your train tickets, they were probably cheaper, but such is the price for procrastination.

Once the stress of actually booking transportation home is over, just sit back, relax and try not to think about all the relatives you have to face when you arrive home.