Yalies called on the Obama administration to spend more on fighting AIDS around the world as Zeke Emanuel, an adviser on global health policy to Obama, spoke at the Law School earlier today.

David Carel ’13, who helped organize the protest on Wall Street, which also included students from Harvard and New York, said he felt it was successful since aside from making a statement to Emanuel, the protesters got the chance to speak to many passersby and let them know about the issue.

Carel described Emanuel as “single-handedly responsible” for Obama’s policies to combat AIDS around the world, and expressed frustration at Emanuel’s statements against devoting more resources to the cause.

Carel also spoke with Emanuel before the protest, and said the conversation went relatively well, given the fact that he knew Emanuel did not agree with him on these issues.

“He’s an incredibly smart guy, he does a lot of great stuff, but when it comes to issues like this he is not open to discussion,” Carel said.

There were about 20 protesters there throughout the morning, Carel estimated.