Apple officially owns the world. And by “the world,” I mean “the complete Beatles catalogue,” which is expected to be available on iTunes starting Tuesday at 10:00 AM. Right now (“right now” being prior to Tuesday at 10:00 AM) the Apple homepage says “Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget” in huge, aesthetically pleasing letters that project an exciting aura of mystery. But no: apparently this announcement isn’t about Apple coming up with some awesome new device that will let you mind-meld with another human using only a slim, ergonomic handheld device, it’s about me having to feel really guilty about downloading Beatles songs online since I won’t have the “record stores don’t exist and it’s not on iTunes” excuse anymore. Cynicism aside, though, I’ll be filling in the holes in my collection as soon as the clock hits 10 tomorrow — assuming the iTunes store doesn’t crash first.