University President Richard Levin ranked among the nation’s highest paid university leaders, according to a Nov. 14 report by The Chronicle of Higher Education. Levin’s total compensation was $1,530,008, including base pay of $965,077, bonuses and other forms of benefits. However, because of a change in IRS reporting requirements, Levin’s total compensation includes a deferred compensation benefit of $350,000 which he has not yet received.

In total, 30 university presidents received over $1 million in total compensation in 2008, including three presidents of Ivy League universities. Besides Levin, Lee Bollinger of Columbia ranked 7th on the list (the highest in the Ivy League) and Amy Gutmann of Penn ranked 15th. John Lahey, president of Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Conn., ranked 6th on the list.