Our bad romance with Four Loko inched one step closer to its end this morning.

Gov. David Paterson of New York announced Sunday that his state had made a deal with Phusion Projects, the drink’s manufacturer, to cease shipment of Four Loko to state liquor vendors by Nov. 19.

New York becomes the sixth state to take action restricting sale of the caffeinated malt beverage in the past few months; most recently, the state of Washington moved last week to remove the product from liquor store shelves by Nov. 18.

It will certainly not be the last. On Friday, U.S. Senator-elect Richard Blumenthal LAW ’73, Connecticut’s attorney general, sent a letter to Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Margaret Hamburg that encouraged her to wrap up the FDA’s investigation into Four Loko and implement a nationwide ban on the drink, the New Haven Register reported.

If Hamburg imposes this nationwide ban, trust the News to continue its coverage of the drink that has become one of the biggest newsmakers of the year.