Inside the college now flaunting right angles, administrators and students praised the Morse College’s recent renovation, at a rededication ceremony Friday afternoon.

University President Richard Levin thanked everybody who had contributed to “a great community here in Morse even when the physical facilities were less than perfect.”

Since the renovation, Levin continued, “this college now reflects the artistry and the innovation of your namesake, Samuel Morse.”

Morse master Frank Keil likened “the new Morse” to the West Coast.

“You know, we are here on the western edge of the residential colleges, and now we have this wonderful beach,” he said, referring to the new water feature in the courtyard.

Morse College Council Vice President Kevin Adkisson ’12, the founder and president of the Architecture Appreciation Club for Underappreciated Architecture, gave a brief history of Saarinen’s work at Yale and praised the renovation.

“I’m fine letting the thousands of other Yalies wither away in the Gothic-revivalist nightmares,” Adkisson said to laughter and applause.

In case you forgot, Morse College was originally constructed with no right angles. It was designed by Eero Saarinen ARC ’34 and welcomed its first class in 1961.