Katie Miller ’12 is featured as an honoree in Out Magazine’s Out 100 Portfolio, alongside celebrities such as figure skater Johnny Weir and broadcaster Rachel Maddow, on whose show Miller has appeared.

Miller, a lesbian, transferred to Yale from the United States Military Academy at West Point because of the military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. Out writes:

When Katie Miller transferred colleges at the end of her sophomore year, it wasn’t for any of the reasons common to mercurial 20-year-olds. As politicians like Sen. John McCain (who graduated 894th out of 899th in his Naval Academy class of ’58) continued to insist that armed forces–enrolled students like Miller (ranked ninth out of her class of 1,157 at West Point) were not welcome if they were honest about their homosexuality, Miller saw no other choice but to withdraw.

Photographed by Jason Schmidt, Miller appears in a military uniform, straightening her collar with her head held high.

Since arriving on campus, Miller has made some other splashes in the world outside the Yale bubble. She was one of Lady Gaga’s escorts at the Video Music Awards.