Pacifico does look like an ocean.

That’s what struck me first as I took in the bright blues, golden yellows and cherry reds artfully coloring the walls of the restaurant. An ocean, or an aquarium, or a coral reef — definitely something submarine, tropical and inviting, though it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what.

It was 11:47 a.m. when my friend and I entered the restaurant, and a friendly hostess ushered us over to the bar while we waited for seating (Pacifico doesn’t start serving lunch until noon, we discovered). The hostess brought us the Restaurant Week lunch menus — decorated in those same blues, yellows and reds, with mosaic depiction of a fish adorning the top — and we debated the choices as we waited. By the time we were seated upstairs, we were set to order.

I started with a caesar salad. It was quite good, but will probably go down in the books as one of the many unmemorable Caesar salads I consume in my lifetime. My friend and I each got the “Tilapia con Cubierta de plátano” for our main course — plantain crusted fish on a shrimp enchilada. We both agreed it was delicious, with a crisp sweet-and-salty coating and plenty of flavor. But possibly best of all was the dessert. A light orange sorbet (we thought mango-orange, but it turned out to be passion fruit), the frozen treat was sweet and fruity and the perfect end to a meal.

By the time we left Pacifico at 12:44 p.m., the joint had filled with customers. Walking through the brightly colored reception area, my friend and I again remarked on the strikingly tropical decor.

Looking like an ocean may be a given when the restaurant’s name is Pacifico, but keeping up standards during Restaurant Week was definitely the pleasantest of surprises.