The Game is on Yalies’ minds: tailgates dominated college council meetings this week, along with social planning and sustainability.

Stiles students are planning a calendar that will feature the most beautiful Stiles men, past and present. Among them will be Taylor Smith ’10, who recently appeared in Glee’s cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.”

Fashion is not the only concern on Stiles’ mind. Ezra Stiles College Council members stressed sustainability in this week’s minutes, encouraging students to recycle their solo cups during the Yale-Princeton tailgate and selling thermostats to avoid overheating.

As the Thanksgiving spirit envelopes Yale, community service came up in the Branford College Council’s minutes. Branford students will begin volunteering at a soup kitchen in New Haven after the Thanksgiving break, and are planning future engagements such as working to increase attendance in local schools and volunteering with refugees.

Branford students are also working on their social lives. They discussed The Game, and how to find enough accommodations at Harvard. They are also the only college selling vuvuzelas in their dinning hall.

In Calhoun, students talked about the logistics of the Yale-Princeton tailgate, which they said they will use as a warm up for the big event: the tailgate at The Game. This weekend, they are planning a barbecue with candelabras, hot chocolate and apple cider.

The Calhoun College Council also discussed community service: Calhoun students have been helping out with New Haven Reads, a non-profit organization that teaches New Haven students to read and gives out free books, but some said they feel the commitment needs to become more consistent.

Calhoun also discussed how to encourage sustainability through the use of Compact Fluorescent Lamps.

The Timothy Dwight College Council and Master Jeff Brenzel are planning a study break in partnership with the peer liaisons program, which they said will be “an international experience.” They are also planning a not-so-international McDonald’s study break for the coming reading period. The Yale-Princeton tailgate is also on TD’s mind, and their ideas for food for the event ranged from guacamole to macaroni salad to sausages.

Davenport College Council talked about community this week. Students want to bring back entryway parties, the sophomore class is planning a sleep over with milk and cookies in the college’s common room and the DCC is organizing ice skating trips to take place during reading week.

In preparation for The Game, the DCC held a Fight Song tutorial to raise school spirit.

Davenport also discussed its love for the planet: students want gym lights to be motion-activated.