Name: The Cheese Truck

Spotted: College, between Chapel and Elm streets (Check their twitter to see where they’ll be on any given day!)

Date and time: October 21 and 22

Owner: Caseus

The lowdown: The Cheese Truck has been around since February. Its parent restaurant, Caseus, has been around for nearly three years now, but some of us (and by that, I really mean just me) discovered its gooey delights late in the game. I decided to see what’s up with the big cheese of the New Haven food truck world and, after some low-level stalking, got my hands on the famed Cheese Truck grilled cheese. And the tomato soup. And the sausage. And then a few more grilled cheeses. Okay, I was hooked.

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The clear standout is the grilled cheese. It is, as truck chef Jeff Weaver puts it ever-so concisely, “crispy-melty.” The bread is a sassy sourdough that only benefits from being cooked in lots and lots of butter. The cheese is a mix of provolone, swiss, comte, gruyere, gouda and sharp cheddar. The outside is crunchy and delicious; the inside is squishy and delicious. It’s pure happiness whose warmth you can feel as you hold it in your hands.

The soup was great, until I had the grilled cheese. Then it was just good. Still, the Cheese Truck’s soup is super creamy and a little spicy. I imagine it would be good to dip your sandwich in or to eat alongside your grilled cheese. I wouldn’t know, though, because when I got the soup, which is served immediately after ordering, it didn’t last the time it took for the grilled cheese to come out. Oops.

The sausage — when I went, it was lamb merguez served on a lightly grilled, billowy brioche bun — was just okay. Honestly, I don’t really like the sausage, and was too busy obsessing over the grilled cheese to really give it a fair run. Sorry, sausage. Maybe next time.

You can also opt for whole grain mustard and cornichons on the side. I personally have a long-standing hatred for both mustard and pickles; pickles actually make me want to vomit a little. But after eating the Cheese Truck’s (the cornichons are so small and unthreatening!), I immediately wanted more. As for the mustard, well … after my first sandwich, I was scooping up the leftover mustard with my finger and eating it by itself. Either I am just that disgusting, or the mustard is just that good.

After you snap out of your grilled-cheese-induced haze (when you suddenly realize that the sandwich has vanished in a few quick bites), be prepared to face the greasy, greasy aftermath. Since the best offense is a strong defense, I would recommend that you arm yourself with napkins beforehand so you can order your grilled cheese and eat away without fear of the consequences.

THE SHORT AND SWEET: Word on the street is that bacon and guacamole is a winning combination, but for the same $7, you can get more bang for your buck with the number one combo: a Classic Cheese Truck Grilled Cheese and a tomato soup.