Putting aside the competition that would take place later that evening, the Yale and Quinnipiac men’s hockey teams banded together Saturday to raise over $4,000 for Mandi Schwartz ’11. A group of 200 walked, biked and ran 7.5 miles along the Farmington Canal, which runs between the two teams’ hockey rinks, in an effort called “Mandi’s March.”

About 4,000 Peruvians demonstrated against Yale in Cuzco and Lima Friday, protesting for the return of artifacts found at Machu Picchu that Yale has had for nearly 100 years, according to the AFP.

And on the streets of New York, nine Peruvian runners in the New York City Marathon on Sunday wore T-shirts demanding the artifacts’ return, according to the Wall Street Journal.

A newlywed couple posed for photos in the Branford courtyard Sunday morning. Neither the bride nor the groom was a Yale alum, but after a June visit they loved the campus so much that they returned to take wedding pictures. Their wedding was held in October at another location.

“Studies in Grand Strategy” was referenced in a Sunday New York Times story about classes at schools like Harvard, Princeton and Yale that are hard to get into. Paul Kennedy, who co-teaches “Grand Strategy,” called the class “a cult among cult classes.”

The Harvard College Fund presented potential designs for a Harvard-Yale T-shirt to be voted on for The Game. Designs include a play on the phonetic similarity between “Yale” and “jail” and a parody of “The Social Network.” Come on, guys, you can do better.

Toot your horn. A Facebook event called “It’s time. YALE Vuvuzelas.” wants to put a vuvuzela “in the hands of every Yale student at the game (and not).”

Meanwhile, the Freshman Class Council has decided on shirts for the Game. The front reads, “harvard/the antisocial network,” and on the back, “because you don’t get to harvard without being a(n) [blank].” It encourages Yalies to fill in their own answer.

But Yale tragically lost the other Game. The Yale Starcraft team lost to Harvard in William L. Harkness Hall room 112 Friday. The team went down 3–1. The game was streamed live online. Next time, Harvard, we’ll take control of the universe.


1967 Over 100 Democratic students start a group in opposition to President Lyndon B. Johnson.