Harvard has finally realized that it sucks. Well, at least partially so.

With the Harvard-Yale Game fast approaching, the Harvard College Fund sponsored a T-shirt design competition for the official t-shirt of the game.

In a recent article, the Crimson scrutinized the some of the designs. Here are their takes and our takes:

The first design to consider plays on the phonetic similarity between “Yale” and “jail” using the style of a Monopoly board.

The Crimson’s take:“The prisoner’s enigmatic gaze confronts the beholder, challenging the viewer to imagine the atrocities that must occur at the nation’s second best college. The back of the design is even bleaker, featuring a candid glimpse of the police brutality and animal cruelty that plague Yale’s urban campus.”

Our take: Harvard is so deprived of creativity and intelligent arguments that it has resorted to infantile depictions of our great campus.

A second t-shirt refers to the recent film “The Social Network” and calls Yale “the woeful network.” The back of the t-shirt features a parody of the movie’s tagline which says: “You don’t get to 500 million friends. You just don’t.”

The Crimson’s take: “This design is a bit obvious in its exploitation of Harvard’s recent glamorization, and its attack on Yale is a little misdirected.”

Our take: Mark Zuckerberg would be ashamed.

The final design features a blue Bulldog and describes Yale as a safety school. The Crimson’s main argument against the t-shirt is that it makes Harvard students seem conceited and patronizing.

The Crimson’s take: “The main weakness of this poster is in the message; accusing Yale of being a safety school only reinforces the stereotype that Harvard kids are condescending and snotty.”

Our take: Harvard has finally become self-aware of its inferiority. Harvard sucks, and knows it.

P.S. The final design might be the best option. Cantabs sporting Yale colors is the perfect way to inspire our team.