HARTFORD—Walking into the McMahon election party event at the Hartford Convention Center, it was clear that Linda McMahon has lived a career in entertainment.

McMahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment and Republican senatorial candidate, pulled out all the stops at her event. Starting at 8:30, the

Linda McMahon election night rally

Convention Center opened it’s doors to hundreds of supporters, from the sharply dressed in suits to the intensely devoted in McMahon volunteer shirts, who took their seats behind a massive stage that faced an array of media equipment.

Against the disappointment of a loss to Democratic competitor Richard Blumenthal LAW ’73, McMahon assured voters she “is not going to fade into the woodwork,” and that she hopes to work for the new Connecticut governor to help move the state forward.

“I’m bummed Linda lost,” said McMahon campaign worker Jeff Evans of Fairfield. “She’s smart, loving and has the best interests of Connecticut at heart. She’s change – she’s not business as usual.”

As McMahon took the stage in an emerald green ensemble, a hundred or so supporters seated on large metal bleachers behind the podium all rose up in unison to loudly clap and cheer, some even wiping tears off with their sleeves.

“If she can stand up to 500 men at WWE and say no, she can certainly stand up to Washington,” Angela Dutkieniez of Stamford said.

Members of the campaign volunteer group Women for Linda also showed up in numbers after having made phone calls, gone door to door, and put up signs for the past several weeks during the campaign.

Joe Callagher, a campaign logistics worker for McMahon said that despite doing well with the Latino and African American votes, the large, Democratic cities carried too much weight to counter.

“They came together and pulled this through,” Callagher said.

Despite the loss the group partied: throughout the night, guests were treated to a full buffet of pasta, salad and mixed hors d’oeuvres along with roast beef and turkey carving stations, desserts, three fully-stocked bars, and a live band.