The Yale Symphony Orchestra isn’t quite ready to let go of Halloween. Currently taking orders for DVD recordings of last week’s Halloween show, they hope to allow students to relive the performance for years to come.

“I always love the Halloween show,” Austin Kase ’11, French horn player who served as the director of this year’s show, said. “I felt like I couldn’t leave Yale without at least giving [directing] the Halloween show a try.”

And now he is in charge of producing the DVDs. Though he said finding a director each year can be difficult because of the large time commitment and pressure involved, Kase said he enjoyed the experience of working on the project and is excited to be selling the recording.

Some of the hard work has already paid off: all 2,700 tickets for the show, which began at midnight the night of Halloween, were sold. Following the performance, Kase said the number of positive responses he received was overwhelming. He attributed the success in part to a large “buzz” created for the show as a result of large efforts from the group’s social chairs and help from Design at Yale. Plus, he felt the show itself, a parody of “The Maltese Falcon”, exceeded expectations.

“I knew the talent was there and I knew this would be just the time to kind of go beyond anything anyone was going to be expecting to happen,” he said, adding that there were even moments when the entire audience fell silent because they were captivated by the engaging story and music.

Thus, as his inbox filled with e-mails from students claiming it was the best they had seen (some even went as far as to say it was one of the best times in their lives), Kase felt prompted to sell DVDs of the show. While YSO usually keeps one copy for its records, he wanted to allow anyone to purchase one.

Brian Robinson, YSO manager, will be in charge of sales. Kase edited the film and is organizing the DVD menu and design. Even acting as advertiser for the product, he emphasized the quality of the show as a Yale tradition that often makes people feel proud to be Bulldogs. Plus, he added: “This is the perfect holiday gift!”

Pre-orders can be placed online at The DVDs are ten dollars each — same price as a ticket.