Democrat Dan Malloy is the next governor of Connecticut…probably.

Vote totals out of Bridgeport announced by the city’s mayor appeared to send Democrat Dan Malloy to the governor’s office, but Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz ’83 said in a press release just before noon that she has yet to receive official returns from the Democratic stronghold, and Republican Tom Foley said he will not concede until he has confidence that the final tally is accurate. Bridgeport’s mayor, Democrat Bill Finch, expressed certainty in a press conference Friday that every vote in his city had been counted, and that Malloy had claimed 17,099 to Foley’s 4,099 in the city.

The Bridgeport totals push Malloy to a lead of 5,465 votes, meaning just .48 percent of the over 1.1 million votes cast in the race separate the two candidates. According to state law, a recount is required when the margin of victory is less than one-half of 1 percent of total votes cast and the margin is smaller than 2,000 votes; the current totals would not require a recount.

A Bysiewicz spokesman said in an e-mail that Bysiewicz hopes to announce official results sometime today.