Freshman Class Council is just being Miley. In an email sent out to the entire freshman class, the FCC asked their classmates to ‘get stoked for Freshman BBQ’. The e-mail also featured a link to a Youtube video that shows the elected representatives of the freshman class busting moves to Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana’s “Thowdown Hoedown”. Apart from being a dance number in “Hannah Montana: The Movie,” “Thowdown Hoedown” is also the theme for this year’s Freshman BBQ.

In aid of those looking to master Miley’s moves before the event, the step by step guide has been added below:

Pop It. Lock it. Polka Dot it.

Countrify it. Hip Hop it.

Hawk in the Sky. Side to Side.

Jump to the left. Stick it Glide.

Zig Zag Touch. Across the Floor.

Shuffle in Diagnol. Hit the Drum…

For the full list of moves and coordinated practice, please refer to this instructional video.