HARTFORD—At a conference room at the Hilton Hartford, Richard Blumenthal LAW ’73, gave a victory speech thanking his supporters and family for their consistent support and outlining the challenges that lie ahead.

“Well you know, I have something money can’t buy. I have you,” Blumenthal said to his cheering audience. He said that it has been proved today that the Senate race in Connecticut was “an election and not an auction.”

Blumenthal, the Connecticut attorney general, said he was proud to have “taken on some of the toughest fights” referring to the efforts against tobacco companies and utility companies, pharmaceutical companies and Internet service providers when they raised their prices and said that he will take these issues with him to Washington “putting Connecticut first and making people a priority.”

Blumenthal touched upon issues such as strengthening small businesses and helping them to expand and create jobs in Connecticut. He also highlighted the need for green technology and green jobs.