Philip Jones, assistant dean and director of Undergraduate Career Services (UCS), will step down from his post this December after 12 years at the University.

In a letter to faculty announcing Jones’ departure, Yale College Dean Mary Miller said Jones had “made known his desire to seek new challenges in a new environment.” Miller said Jane Edwards, Yale College associate dean and dean of international and professional experience, will take over for Jones in December until the University hires a new director. At the same time as Jones preparing to leave, UCS is gearing up for structural changes in the wake of an external review last spring.

“When he came here, he really re-invented career services here at Yale, and it’s probably time to do that again,” Miller said, adding, “that will be someone else’s responsibility.”

Last spring, UCS underwent an external review and is considering various reforms as a result, Miller said. UCS’ organization is not the most logical, Miller said, but the planned structural changes will help it continue to be successful. Edwards said one of the changes recommended by the external review will involve reorganizing UCS to make be more efficient in working with both employers and students.

“We want to build on relations between UCS and the rest of the institution to make them even stronger,” Edwards said.

Jones is best known for developing the International Bulldogs programs, Edwards said. In her letter, Miller said Jones was “known nationally” for his work establishing international opportunities. Jones also helped found the Bulldogs Across America program, and created pre-professional and career exploration programs that help Yalies transition into careers, Miller said. A former resident fellow in Morse College, Jones is currently teaching an Ezra Stiles College seminar on Viking Age archaeology.

Jones did not respond to requests for comment.

A Princeton Review survey ranked Yale UCS the third-best college career service last summer, behind Northeastern University and Pennsylvania State University.

David Burt contributed reporting.