Only a half hour before all the polls close around Connecticut, supporters of Democrat Dan Malloy at the Hartford Society Room are anxious yet optomistic after several news sources have proclaimed victory for Richard Blumenthal LAW ’73.

“I think he’s going to win once results from the cities come in,” Jim DellaVolpe, mayor of Ansonia, said. Like many other Malloy supporters at the event, DellaVolpe said that the state needs Malloy to create jobs.

Others, however, were more cautious about their enthusiasm. James Malcolm, a Hartford-based state-employed attorney, said that people were voting Republican simply because of a backlash against President Barack Obama.

For the dozens of union members present, Malloy’s election is critical to maintaining their jobs and improving their lives, said Valery Johnson of the 1189 Union.

Latest reports from CBS put Foley ahead with 52% of the vote and 14% of precincts reporting.