It’s been 180 years since Benjamin Silliman was last seen, but on Thursday, his spirit came back to life for the annual Silliman Haunted House.

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Haunted House tour guides wearing white, faceless masks asked students to look for Silliman’s ghost while they showed the eager daredevils around the College’s basement, the rumored location of his century-old spirit. After climbing down the caution-taped stairs to the basement, students immediately witnessed a caged man screaming for help and the bloody corpse of a female victim lying across a table. Body parts hung from the ceiling and, every now and then, tour goers would get tangled in the hanging cobwebs. Some students checked behind white curtains for Silliman’s ghost, while others looked inside the eerily dark bathrooms.

Further along, students faced a murderous chef and witnessed a small girl, dressed in white, stumble down the stairs with outstretched arms before being violently dragged by an invisible force. Attendees were then led to a dark movie theater, where they watched a black-and-white horror clip as Silliman’s dead wife stood up from her front row seat to ask about her missing husband. Towards the end of the tour, students entered a dark room, illuminated only by a flashing white light, that housed Silliman’s empty coffin; out of nowhere, giant monsters with pin heads emerged to attack the screaming tour goers.

According to the event’s Facebook invite, Silliman, a renowned 18th Century chemist, kept a laboratory in his basement, where two students supposedly disappeared last week.