What would Halloween be without scary movies? We hold it self-evident that we need the thrills, the unbearable tortuous suspense, and the lingering eerie feelings that these movies provide us with.

Here is a taste of some scary films to complete your Halloween:

Best Classic Horror Movies: The classic horror movie is the godfather of all others, the one scary movies bow their heads in reverence to, the one you see “The Simpson’s” parodying the most.

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Halloween, one of the most recognized horror movies, is quintessential for Halloween viewing, for reasons more other that the obvious. Thinking of John Carpenter’s classical killer Michael Myers is enough to give you Samhainophobia for life. Myers started the trend of villains never dying, and he is the reason why William Shatner kind of creeps you out (Michael Myers wears a Shatner mask).

Also, “Psycho” is a must-see, even if you already know the infamous shower scene and that yes, the blood is actually Hershey’s chocolate syrup. There is an astounding twist in Alfred Hitchcock’s suspenseful classic.

Best Comedic Horror Movies: These movies, intentionally or not, make you fall off your seat in hysterics, not in fear.

“Scream” has one of the scariest, unexpected opening sequences, but all in all it is really thriller connoisseur Wes Craven’s personal commentary, and caricature, of his own genre. If you are a fan, keep your eyes open for “Scream 4” that is set for release next year.

Just to see Sarah Jessica Parker not complaining about boyfriends in Manolo Blahniks, but rather as a witch riding on a vacuum cleaner, watch “Hocus Pocus,” even you have already seen it 20 times on Disney Channel.

And of course, any recent M. Night Shyamalan film could be in this category (I am talking about you, “The Happening”).

Best Keep You Up for A Week Movies: To “The Ring,” “Jaws,” and “The Exorcist” for making us scared of televisions, sharks, and little girls spider-walking, respectfully.

Best Movie for the Halloween Movie scorner: If you despise Halloween because you think horror is simply “torture porn,” watch Dario Argento’s “Suspira” with a fantastic Goblin score and stunning artistry.

But this is only a small sampling. There are so many films (like “The Shining,” “Dawn of the Dead,” “28 Days Later”) that would make the perfect Halloween marathon. Don’t forget to bring candy corn popcorn.