Colleges were gearing up for fall — literally and figuratively — at residential college council meetings this week.

Stilesians might keep warm this fall with new Stiles snuggies. While the Ezra Stiles College Council investigates options for the snuggies, Stilesians can monitor the heat with an order of moose-themed thermometers that will be arriving in the college soon.

Both Ezra Stiles and Davenport colleges are planning parties for Saturday, Nov. 6. The ESCC warned students to “get ready to party like you make booze in a bathtub” for the Prohibition dance, while Davenporters prepare for their screw at Thali Too the same night.

The Davenport Student Activities Committee advised freshmen to watch their inboxes for a helpful “Screw-for-Dummies” guide in the coming days. But not all Gnomes were feeling festive this week. Despite student complaints about Halloween decorations on the doors to the college’s dining hall and G entryway, the DSAC decided the decorations are here to stay. The council encouraged objecting students to “have some fun.”

The Calhoun College Council is getting ready for its Fallfest this Sunday, which will feature a pie-eating contest and a Jell-O eating contest conducted through a straw followed by dinner and a talent show. The CCC was distributing pumpkins Thursday and Friday for students to decorate and place in the college’s dining hall.

Branfordians will be joining forces with Hounies to host a tailgate for the Harvard-Princeton football game Saturday, Nov. 13. Though not officially confirmed, the Branford College Council discussed the possibility of hiring the “kettle corn guy” for the tailgate. Branford, too is getting ready for Halloween weekend, planning to trick-or-treat for charity in the East Rock neighborhood this Saturday with Branford Fellows. The BCC is still discussing locations for the college-wide pillow fight the councilmembers discussed last week. Since then, the dining hall, the common room and the God Quad party suite have all been ruled out.

Trumbullians are preparing for an apple-picking trip this Saturday. The night before, they will host a pumpkin carving contest and a screening of “Scooby-Doo” cartoons. The Trumbull College Council announced that the Trumbull dining hall has officially opened for studying Sunday through Wednesday nights to accommodate stressed students. The TCC noted that this is “awesome” and only Trumbull students are allowed.