“Glorious consensual sex?” In an e-mail about safety over Halloween weekend sent Wednesday by Dean of Student Affairs Marichal Gentry, the Sexual Harassment and Assault Resources & Education (SHARE) Center reminded Yalies how great consensual sex is. “Glorious consensual sex is something given, not taken, something shared not endured: something that makes you smile the next day, not something that hurts psychologically, emotionally or physically,” the e-mail said.

Pierson Dean Amerigo Fabbri also had some deep thoughts for All Hallows’ Eve. He wrote to Piersonites: “The will to dream and the will to poetry; the power to capture in a moment just eternity. Your youth is just this much: dream, poetry and eternity; a treasure whose limits reach above the sky and below the sea. Please, hold on to it dearly this weekend, thinking how precious you are to your friends, to me, to your Master, and to your loved ones.”

And for those itching for some early scares, Silliman’s Haunted House is tonight from 8-11 p.m. and starts in Entryway M.

Back to the future. Davenport College students are making a time capsule to bury in the trench being dug to accommodate the college’s new shrubs.

The “tables down at Mory’s” were briefly interrupted Wednesday evening around 7:15 p.m. last night when a fire alarm went off. The building was ewvacuated and the fire department showed up, but no fire was reported and the alarm was quickly deactivated. The club continued to serve wine when guests were outside.

Yale is an “A” student when it comes to sustainability, according to the 2011 College Sustainability Report Card. The only other Ivy League school to receive an A was Brown University.

Answer: This Yalie is going to be on “Jeopardy!” Nov. 12. Question: Who is Sam Spaulding ’13? Spaulding is a participant in the game show’s “College Championship.”

The campaign to help Mandi Schwartz ’11 in her battle with leukemia will hit the trails on Nov. 6. The Yale Club of New Haven, Yale, and Quinnipiac athletics departments are organizing a day of events to support Schwartz’s family beginning with “Mandi’s March” — a 7.5-mile walk along the Farmington Canal, which runs between the school’s hockey rinks, according to Yale Bulldogs.


1963 Four Yalies sleeping in the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee in Hattiesburg, Miss., were arrested early this morning.