If you build a themed-dinner they will come. Those who ate at Commons Thursday night were treated to a baseball-themed dinner experience and a screening of “Field of Dreams.”

In addition to the movie there was a popcorn machine, a cotton candy machine, soft pretzels, and root beer floats.

“We wanted to show the World Series, but that started too late,” said Jeff Hardy, the production manager at Commons.

Hardy said Thursday’s movie night was part of increased efforts to bring monthly “themed nights” to Commons.

“We try not to have these poor kids come in and be dull,” said Sue Bobbins, a dining hall worker who has worked at Commons for the past three yeas.

Even though the event wasn’t publicized, students otherwise responded positively to the event.

“I wish there was publicity—I wouldn’t want to miss this,” Liz Asai ’13.

The next themed night at Commons is “Plymouth Colony,” a Thanksgiving feast, on November 18.