If you strolled past the shops on Broadway Friday, you might have heard the live band playing music from across the street. The duo of Jeanmarie Rivera (vocals) and Glen Masso (keyboard) are part of a larger band called Signature that often performs on Broadway. You might’ve heard them in the past, during College Night on Broadway. But if you missed their music Friday, they’ll be back on Sunday from 12 to 3 pm.

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Q Can you tell me a little bit about your band?

A We’re part of Signature. We’re a full-piece band. The [Broadway] Merchants Association actually hires us lot.

Q What kind of music does Signature make?

A We’re an R&B and dance band, and we play a lot of local clubs.

Q Why this spot on Broadway?

A We’re hired right now. The Merchants Association hires us, in all forms — the duo, the quartet, the bands. I’m so grateful. I love new haven, i was actually born in new haven, and i’m glad to come back because after i left new haven, i didn’t come back here. but now i come back here and shop. I love it.

Q What song were you just singing?

A That song was “Feel Like Makin’ Love” by Roberta Flack. When we do the duo, we try to do a lot of dance stuff, standards, and ballads.

Q What else are you going to be performing here?

A [The Merchants Association] asked me to do caroling this Christmas, and I’ll be in vintage clothing and everything.

Q Do a lot of shoppers come by to see you perform?

A Oh yeah, especially when we have the huge band. But it’s nice because even if they’re not right here, dancing over here on this corner, they’re listening. The people that work in all these shops love us. We’re asked back all the time, so even if they’re not here dancing, they’re listening and they’re enjoying it. And that’s why I do what I do. I wouldn’t have it any other way.