With Halloween fast approaching, residential college councils are trying hard to make the spooky day memorable.

The Davenport College Council (DCC) is organizing college-wide trick-or-treating on Halloween night. The DCC will also host a pumpkin-carving event this Friday. At the same time, the gnomes are tirelessly preparing for their screw, which will be held on Nov. 6. Master Richard Schottenfeld is looking into purchasing tickets for a performance of “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson!” on Broadway. On a more sartorial note, the DCC is selling new college socks, hats and sweatpants for freshmen and some upperclassmen. The DCC is in the process of obtaining a fire pit for the college to roast marshmallows and serve as a social gathering place in the winter. Jimmy Murphy ’13 said the college is seeking approval from the fire marshal first.

College gear was also discussed at the Silliman Activities and Administrative Committee’s (SAAC) weekly meeting. The SAAC is planning to sell T-shirts and pajamas at the Sillispirit competition Nov. 7. The SAAC also bought a fog machine which will be used at the college’s outdoor haunted house Oct. 28. The SAAC is planning several multicultural events with the Intercultural Affairs Committee. They will host an “around the world” event in five suites, in addition to cooking workshops, study breaks featuring ethnic food and Latin dance workshops.

Branfordians are trying to raise college spirit and are organizing a pillow fight in the Branford courtyard. The Branford College Council is looking for volunteers to post photos of dining hall staff in the college’s dining hall. The Squirrels are also researching prices for charter bus rentals in preparation for the Game next month.

In Timothy Dwight College, the Social Activities Committee, or SAC, is also busy planning their Game tailgate. Also, in the spirit of the season, the SAC is planning a scary movie showing around Halloween. The SAC is considering planning a trip to New York City so that TDers can see a show by performance troupe Fuerza Bruta.

Even though Stilesians are still deprived of their dining hall, they are trying hard to restore communal dining. Thanks to the generosity of Morse dining hall manager Gordon Hayes, who agreed to provide ingredients for free, Stiles students will continue to have Sunday brunches in the Swing Space buttery. Meanwhile, the Moose are working hard to prepare for their “Prohibition” dance. The Ezra Stiles College Council is searching for white T-shirts, which they will spray paint with the “Prohibition” logo. The ESCC will host a pumpkin carving event Oct. 27, and is also exploring the option of making liquid nitrogen ice cream together.