Applying to law school? The Princeton Review released its list of the 10 hardest law schools to get into. Yale Law School topped the ranking. Yale Law students praised the school for its small class sizes, lenient course requirements, and lack of grades. Stanford and Harvard law schools ranked second and third, respectively.

It’s still no “Porn in the Morn.” Calling it “a most unusual Ivy League approach to science,” the New York Times reported on the new Harvard course “From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science.” Taught in a basement lab, the course allows students to dabble in the basics of chemistry and physics while carefully exploring gourmet cooking.

In other Times explorations of the Ivy League, The New York Times Magazine described Yale School of Architecture Dean Robert A.M. Stern ARC ’65 as “most intriguing” in a Sunday profile. Citing his classic style, the profile says Stern is popular among clients looking for “opulent private residences built today in traditional styles.”

Demetri Martin ’95 is getting a television show on CBS. Variety reported Martin will be a triple threat on the show by writing, starring in, and producing it. He previously had a show on Comedy Central called “Important Things With Demetri Martin.”

There’s always the Princeton Club. Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, a 1984 Harvard Law grad, was rejected from the Harvard Club of New York, the New York Times reported Wednesday. Officials at the private mid-town club did not want to be associated with the prostitution scandal that forced him from the state’s highest office.

University President Richard Levin and Yale College Dean Mary Miller released a statement Wednesday regarding Delta Kappa Epsilon’s chants last week. “We appreciate that the leaders of the fraternity have apologized to the Yale community, but an episode like this breaches the trust that is essential to preserving a community of free and open discourse,” they said in their statement.

The University of Chicago reported a 19 percent gain in investments over the last year. Valued at $5.54 billion, the endowment’s performance bests the returns of Columbia, the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, Dartmouth and Yale for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2010.


1936 The football team’s “star” punter and starting fullback Dave Colwell is stricken with acute appendicitis and operated on at New Haven Hospital.