The New York Times Magazine finds Dean of the School of Architecture Robert A. M. Stern ARC ’65 “most intriguing.”

In a profile published Sunday, the Times tours the Stern-designed building 15 Central Park West, the most successful high-end Manhattan residential development in recent history (202 apartments contracted for roughly $2 billion total) and tries to determine how Stern maintains a successful architecture firm with 230 employees in the current economic climate. Conclusions: Stern’s classic style, which isn’t taken in by architecture trends, makes him popular among clients who look for “opulent private residences built today in traditional styles.”

The profile also remarked on Stern’s preference for Gucci loafers and “natty suits,” and praised the diversity of the teaching staff he’s brought to the school of architecture.

In one nice aside, Stern refers to his obsession with romantic views of New York: “The scene in, I think it’s ‘Shall We Dance,’ with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, where it ends in a room like the Rainbow Room, and snow is falling all over the city. We’ll have Fred and Ginger spin in here any moment now,” he said of one of the apartments. (Fred and Ginger spinning? We got it.)