Harvard seems to have found an innovative approach to classes like Yale’s now defunct “Porn in the Morn,” according to an article in the print edition of the New York Times today.

Taught in a basement lab, “From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science” allows Harvard students to dabble in the basics of chemistry and physics while carefully exploring gourmet cooking. It appears from the Times article the class has fostered a love of science and of cooking in its students.

For Mr. Jean-Baptiste, a junior majoring in economics, it’s been an introduction to two worlds. “I think I will start to cook,” he said. “I actually think I will take more science classes.”

But fear not, Yalies. Our friends at Harvard haven’t overlooked actual learning. See passage below:

“If you have time, you ought to figure out the elasticity of your jellies,” said Tom Dimiduk, a physics graduate student and one of the teaching assistants for the lab section.

Ms. Shelton took no heed of that suggestion. “I need to make more shapes — a star,” she said, and she cut a star out of the gelée, then a heart, and added them to the plate.”