Re: “Return Peru’s artifacts” (Oct. 8): In response to the letter from Yale alumni Susan Rolfe ’61, Fred Truslow ’61 and Roberto Zalles ’61, I fully agree.

I would add that my hope is for a better future: archaeological and research collaboration between Peru and Yale beyond Machu Picchu, youth education, promotion of cultural history and awareness, with Yale partnering with Peruvian scholars and students.

To the extent that Yale might contribute to these new initiatives for the Peruvian people (and tangentially for all the Earth’s people), all might benefit the more richly. Yale’s embracing of international initiatives for deeper understanding of and service to all peoples and cultures depends enormously on Yale’s goodwill and generosity of spirit, if it is to be genuinely and broadly effective.

In anticipation of next year’s 100th anniversary of Yale’s exploration and rediscovery of Machu Picchu, which was made possible through its backing of Hiram Bingham’s expeditions and its stewardship and research of Inca artifacts brought to Yale, the University has an opportunity to express and expand that generosity of spirit.

John H.L. Bingham

Oct. 14

The writer is a 1961 graduate of Branford College and the grandson of Hiram Bingham III.