Local residents slammed students for their complaints about the raid on Morse-Stiles screw two weekends ago at Elevate lounge in letters to the editor published in the Register’s Sunday editorial page.

One letter by Patricia M. Nere of Guilford, headlined “Yalies taste what townies take for granted, dismissed the events at Elevate as commonplace happenings, and criticized Yale students for thinking they were “untouchable.”

“When you are caught breaking laws, no matter how unreasonable you may find them, there are consequences,” Nere wrote.

Another letter, “Intellectuals pay for buffoonery” by Thomas Scoopo of New Haven, suggested that if Yalies sober up, the “outstanding” New Haven Police Department will treat them with more respect.

“If Yale University students begin to behave more like the intellectuals they profess to be, and less like the drunken buffoons they portray, they will realize they need to obey the lawful commands of a police officer,” Scoopo wrote.

And a third letter, “Police deliver civics lesson” by James Murphy of New Haven, called Yalies immature for their reaction to the police officers’ actions.

“Don’t argue or talk back to a policeman,” Murphy wrote. “The police are not your parents, and don’t have to take it.”