• Alcohol may have been more popular than ’80s music at Safety Dance last Friday. Silliman College Master Judith Krauss NUR ’70, whose college sponsors the dance party, said five to six students were hospitalized due to alcohol related illnesses this weekend. While she added that this year’s amount of hospitalizations is slightly down from the eight of last year, 12 students present at the dance said the event was just as alcohol-soaked as last year’s — if not more.
  • Sterling Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Benoit Mandelbrot,who coined the term “fractal” and founded the field of fractal geometry, died on Thursday from pancreatic cancer. He was 85.

    Mandelbrot was in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he had lived since he retired from his position at Yale in 2005, at the time of his death. He is most famous for his Mandelbrot Set, which is a map of mathematical outcomes that creates a fractal, a mesmerizing image often found on t-shirts and posters around the world.

  • A new club believes that investing can be freed from its greedy image. The Social Investment Team aims to educate its members in the practice of social investing, not only focusing on profit, but also on the consequences of investments. But the organization has no collective money to invest, and thus will have to emphasize self-education about the market.


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