As former Newsies flocked to campus to celebrate the rededication of the News’ Briton Hadden Memorial Building this weekend, one famous face was absent: Sen. Joseph Lieberman ’64 LAW ’67.

Since he couldn’t attend, Lieberman, the Chairman of the News’ Managing Board of 1964, recorded remarks on how the News shaped his life. Lieberman said he would have attended this weekend’s festivities, but his elder son, Matthew Lieberman ’89 LAW ’94, was married Saturday in Atlanta.

“One could say I would never have ended up a United States Senator without the Yale Daily News,” Lieberman said, explaining that he earned the endorsement of William F. Buckley ’50 (also a Chairman of the News) in his 1988 Senate race against liberal Republican Lowell Weicker because Buckley knew Lieberman to be “a good man and a Yale Daily Newsie.” Lieberman defeated Weicker by less than 1 percent of the vote.

“People used to say I got my job through the New York Times. I got my job through the Yale Daily News,” Lieberman went on to say.