In a statement posted on their website Sunday night, Delta Kappa Epsilon International instructed the Yale chapter of DKE to stop all pledge activities until further notice in the wake of their controversial chants on Old Campus last Wednesday.

Read the full statement below:

Delta Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity Board of Directors strongly condemns the actions taken by some members of our Yale Chapter last week. The sentiments expressed during the new member activity are deeply offensive, and do not adhere to the standards of morals and behavior that we expect of all DKE members. DKE has instructed the Yale Chapter to discontinue all new member activities until further notice.

The chapter’s decision to participate in an open forum on campus last Friday was a good step in acknowledging the seriousness of this incident, and we believe the chapter members have become aware that their behavior is wrong not only because of the effect it can have on other people, but also because they as individuals should not hold or express these sentiments in any respect or manner.

Our Executive Director will be visiting with the chapter next weekend to review this incident and set forth a plan of action for the chapter.

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