Social events dominated discussion at a number of this week’s residential college council meetings.

Leading the way was the Silliman Activities and Administrative Committee (SAAC), which made final arrangements for tonight’s Safety Dance. Committee members anticipate the ’80s-themed dance party, will be the “best-attended Yale event” this year based on ticket sales and the 1300 people who said they would attend the Facebook event. The dance is not only a “nightmare to clean up” but also has had alcohol-related illnesses in the past. SAAC organizers are looking to avoid a repeat of last year’s event, during which at least eight students required medical attention.

Timothy Dwight students have also been hard at work planning their screw, which will be held this Saturday evening in the TD dining hall. Having chosen an “Athletes and Mathletes” theme for their screw, the TD Student Activities Committee has decided to decorate the dining hall with school supplies and sporting equipment.

Exercise gear is also coming to Branford, as the Branford College Council announced the acquisition of a new treadmill. Those more interested in social exercise, meanwhile, mentioned the possibility of hiring a party bus to take Branford students up to The Game at Harvard this November, justifying the expense in the name of college spirit.

College spirit was high on the Ezra Stiles College Council’s (ESCC) agenda at their meeting this week. One “radical suggestion” they entertained was a “Who-Knows-The-Most-Stilesians” competition, in which students compete to photograph and name fellow Stilesians in postings on a communal board. The ESCC also discussed bringing back Stiles’ charity auction as a student-led intiative, which in the past has given “quirky and amazing” gifts including bedtime stories, Hindi lessons, entourages and a real-time life narrator for a day.

The Calhoun College Council (CCC) made plans for minor improvements across the college, which included putting new tips on the pool sticks in the game room and replacing the lights in the dining hall. The CCC threw their support behind the Sophomore Class Council’s first major event of the year, Southern Comfort, a southern-themed dinner with live music held on Cross Campus this Saturday from 5:00-7:30 pm. Calhoun’s dining hall will be closed for dinner Saturday evening during the event.

Food was likewise discussed at the Davenport Students Activities Committee meeting (DSAC). The DSAC has scheduled a pumpkin carving event for Oct. 22. Other student organizations, including the Freshman Class Council and Student Taskforce for Environment Partnership, or STEP, announced their upcoming events at the meeting. STEP is running the Eli Exchange clothes swap on Old Campus this Sunday from 12:00-4:00 pm, while the FCC will hold its first event this year, the Freshman Barbeque on Old Campus on Nov. 6.