There’s a fight brewing in the Yale Law School family. According to the New York Daily News, President Bill Clinton LAW ’73 said at a Long Island luncheon that Joe Miller LAW ’95 has “done more” than most “to dispel the notion that Yale is an elite institution.”

Be safe during Safety. Pierson Dean Amerigo Fabbri asked Piersonites to consider the safe in Safety Dance. He said he “was a teen-ager during the early ’80s, and … used to dress normally in the way that you will capture with your costumes at the party.”

But look out for frocos, 2014! Dean of Student Affairs Marichal Gentry has offered free admission to all freshman counselors to help chaperone the event.

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal LAW ’73 has regained momentum in his campaign for the U.S. Senate, according to a Thursday Quinnipiac University poll. In the poll, Blumenthal leads Republican Linda McMahon by about 11 percentage points, up from about three points on Sept. 28.

James Franco’s GRD ’16 collection of short stories, “Palo Alto,” was reviewed by the Los Angeles Times this week. The takeaway? “After finishing ‘Palo Alto’ one feels the urge to not so much review it as grade it. And not highly.”

Blackout postponed. No, Safety Dance is still on. Due to rain, the Student Taskforce for Environmental Partnership pushed Thursday night’s “Blackout” back a week. The event, a film screening on Old Campus, is designed to get students to turn off lights in their dormitories.

Just hours after a stabbing at Papa John’s Wednesday, police responded to a robbery that occurred less than six blocks away at Dominoes, according to a Thursday NHPD press release.


1940 Third year graduate student Milton Fytelson ’37 suffers serious lacerations when a chemical experiment he was conducting in Sterling Laboratory scattered glass into his face.