Joe Miller’s LAW ’95 path to the United States Senate may not be so smooth after all.

Miller scored an upset victory over incumbent senator Lisa Murkowski in Alaska’s August Republican primary. Afterwards polls put the Tea Party-backed candidate in good position to defeat Scott McAdams, the democratic candidate, and add one more Yalie to the Senate floor.

But later last month Murkowski announced she’d be mounting a write-in bid, and polls began to skew away from Miller, some showing Murkowski with a lead, others showing the two neck and neck, with McAdams a distant third.

And now, with the election just weeks away, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Miller is drawing flak for failing to live by his anti-government stances — namely, that his family once accepted Medicaid benefits and that his wife briefly drew unemployment checks — and refusing to answer questions about his background or personal life.

“The very programs that he is condemning have benefited his family, and we think if it’s good enough for Mr. Miller’s family it should be good enough for Alaskan,” McAdams is quoted as saying in the Journal article.

Stay tuned for more updates on Alaska politics.