Gant, the Swiss-owned clothing brand moving to Yale this November, tweeted about its new digs on Monday. Linking to its blog, the fashion line wrote, “there is nothing quite like a home cooked meal. We are in fact, talking about our dear city of New Haven.”

And the winner is: Shamoose! According to an e-mail from Stiles Master Stephen Pitti Monday, the name for the college’s new goldfish has been decided. Over 165 names were submitted to Pitti’s office and the winner of the competition was awarded a seafood dinner. Other names in the running? Sharkbait, Napoleon and Mr. Splashypants.

Yale is getting greener. The Office of Public Affairs & Communications announced in a press release Monday that the University reduced greenhouse gas emissions by six percent from 2005.

Boys will be Boise. The Whiffenpoofs are exploring the foothills of the Rockies in Boise, Idaho, for the next eight days. Singing at the Sun Valley Jazz Festival is on the agenda, but other plans include whitewater rafting and hiking. This is the second time in their 101-year history that the Whiffs have been in the Gem State.

In a Facebook invite for Prohibition, set to be held Nov. 6, Morse and Stiles referenced their last combined party effort. It read: “Remember, there ain’t no party like a Stiles-Morse party cuz a Stiles-Morse party don’t stop! Until the assault rifles come. Then it stops very quickly.”

It’s “Taser Awareness Week,” bro. T-shirts with that slogan are being distributed by students in Timothy Dwight College. While that slogan is emblazoned on the front of the T-shirt, “Who’s next?” is on the back.

Bill Clinton LAW ’73, Sonia Sotomayor LAW ’79, Batman LAW ’74? A law school diploma conferred by “Yale University of Gotham” hangs on the wall of Bruce Wayne’s study in a 1974 edition of Detective Comics, a monthly DC Comics publication, according to cartoon according to the Yale Law Library’s Rare Books Blog.

Yale featured prominently in Sunday’s episode of “The Simpsons.” The episode entitled “MoneyBART” featured Dahlia Brinkley, the “only Springfield Elementary alum ever to advance to the Ivy League.” Described as a “babe” by Nelson, she wore a watch emblazoned with a blue Y and drove a car with a large Yale sticker on the back window.


1978 A Yale dance and exercise instructor was attacked near Payne Whitney Gymnasium.