With a selection of eclectic music in the background, Fashionista Vintage & Variety’s party for the opening of their new Costume Nook was abuzz Saturday night with people trying on wigs and hats and styling each other’s outfits.

Some party-goers at the store’s Whitney Avenue home were outfitted in sun and pirate hats, while other selected more showy items like pink wigs and funky glasses. One man was even wearing earrings to accompany his turban-esque hat. Military jackets and fur hats completed the look for others. The dimmed lights and dressed up people gave way to an atmosphere of creativity and a night promising of fun.

Co-owners Todd Lyon and Nancy Shea were hands on helping to invent creative outfits on the spot. Party-goers watched on as Lyon added a delicate hat to a woman’s red and black ensemble consisting of a silk dress, black gloves, and a pair of red wings.

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According to Lyon, the Costume Nook is meant to be not just for Halloween, but for year-round events like theme parties and theater events. All costumes are available for rental.

The other rooms aside from the Costume Nook were filled with a range of pieces – jewelry, hats, gloves, masks, and sunglasses filled up every inch of the store.

“There’s something always voyeuristic about it – seeing into someone’s past,” Shea said of vintage clothing.